Dr. Ashish Motiram Paturkar
Hona'ble Vice-Chancellor

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 22 June, 1962
Place of Birth: Maharashtra state, India

Biographical Sketch

Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, M. V. Sc. and Ph.D. in Veterinary Public Health.
He had been working as Associate Dean from 2011 to January 21st 2018 at Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai.
He has handled the post of Professor and Head in the Department of Veterinary Public Health, Bombay Veterinary College. Mumbai under Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University, Nagpur having more than 20 years of experience in Teaching, Research and Extension activities.
He has published 12 articles International Journals and 40 Articles in National reputed Journals.
He has handled 10 projects (ICAR, World bank, MOFPI, Agencies etc) as a Principal Investigator, 2 projects (ICAR and Agency) as a Co-PI and 17 projects (ICAR, ICMR, IIP and APEDA, DST, RKVY, BARC, TATA Trust etc.) as an Implementing Officer.
He has worked with six different International bodies.
He has organized 15 Trainings/workshop/seminar/
conference in the field of Vety. Sciences.
He is an expert member on FSSAI, working as an Expert member on scientific panel and working to develop the standards at National Level and also in APEDA and EIC. He has experienced of working with Cornell University, USA, Indo-US SPS meet, Washington DC, USA.
He is working as a Member in Academic Council, Faculty, Board of studies, MAFSU since 2002.
He has worked as President 'BVC Alumni Association' and IAVPHS.
He is working as a Expert review member of World Health Organization for formulating standards on antimicrobial residues of animal origin foods.
He is working as a Editorial Board member of Animal Research and Veterinary Science, USA.
He is working as a Chairman, Advisory Council, CPCSEA, Biosafety, Radio-safety, IAEC committee etc.
He is a Life member of seven Professional Associations.
He has worked with ICAR Review Team for Accreditation of MAFSU as a Nodal Officer and working with VCI as an Expert member for Inspection of colleges.
He had guided 33 Post-Graduate students and 5 Ph.D. students for their research purpose.
Till date he has received 16 Awards and Honours, published 11 Books and 3 Patents, written 3 International Compendium, 8 Booklets.
He has developed more than 7 Technologies for the benefit of farmers and entrepreneurs and done many extension education activities.

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