The Department of Veterinary Pathology is actively involved in Teaching, Research & Extension. As per mandate and Academic Regulations of University, the Department is actively involved in UG/PG/Ph.D teaching as per the syllabus designed by University and other national authorities. In addition to teaching, as a mandatory part, the Faculty is actively involved in need based research. The Department is conducting agency sponsored research schemes (Recently termed Contractual Research) on various aspects as per the need of sponsoring agency. The commercial research is also being conducted by this department especially through tissue processing & reporting. The Faculty is always extending its services to Animal Owners through disease diagnosis by means of P.M. examination of Animals, Poultry, laboratory examination of blood & urine & histopathological examination of tissue samples collected as biopsy material or during P.M. examination and suggests suitable guidelines to Animal Owners, Poultry owners , field Veterinarians and Technocrats. The Faculty of this Department also takes part in Extension through radio talks, cattle shows & Animal health camps & by publishing articles in local language. The necropsy data, so far generated when screened revealed Pneumonia & Enteritis as major pathological conditions noted in all age types of animals. In addition, the infectious diseases like H.S., B.Q, unusual foreign bodies, accidental cases of Snake bite, parasitic infestations in general & Theileriosis, Babesiosis & Trypanosomiasis in particular are being noted as causation of death in animals. In broilers, Colibacillosis, Visceral gout, Ascites, CCRD & Coccidiosis are contributors of mortality.

    Up till now this department has contributed on the following important research: 


  1.  No. of Ph.D. Scholars – 04
  2.  No. of M.V.Sc Students passed out – 83
  3. Sponsorship received for Ph. D./PG Research - 06
  4. Publication of Book – One (TERMS IN PATHOLOGY) By Dr.G.B.Kulkarni & Dr. G.R.Gangane
  5.  No. of National Awards received by Staff/Students –
  6. IAVP ACHIEVEMENT AWARD- Best Poultry Pathologist Award -01
  7. University Topper M.V.Sc scholar – 02
  8.  Best Research Paper Award of IAVP /IVJ – 02
  9.  Best Poster Presentation in National Conference –
  10. E) Recipient of Fellow of Academy of Sciences, (Animal Welfare)- 01

Completed projects

S Title of Project Name of PI Amount received Financed by Duration Achievements
1Study on comparative efficacy of certain mycotoxin binder products in experimentally induced combine mycotoxicosis in broilers Dr. Gangane G.R. 75350/- M/s Ayurvet Ltd., Baddi (HP) 2011-12
2Sub acute studies on assessment of oral curcumin enriched skim milk powder feeding in Wister rats  Dr. Gangane G.R. 75374/- College of Food Technology, MKV, Parbhani  2011-12
3Clinical assessment of lycopene enriched whey fruit juice beverage as nutraceutical in male Rabbit Dr. G.B. Kulkarni (PI) Dr. Gangane G.R. (PC) 72829/- College of Food Technology, MKV, Parbhani 2011-12
4Studies on biological effect of Maltodextrin enriched ice cream mix in Wistar Rats Dr. B.M.. Kondre (PI) Dr. Gangane G.R. (PC) 51797/- College of Food Technology, MKV, Parbhani 2011-12
5Efficacy of AV/ADC/16 in E-coli induced enteritis in broilers Dr. G.B. Kulkarni 60000/- M/s Ayurvet Ltd., Baddi (HP) 2012-13
6Study on Comparative Efficacy of certain Mycotoxin Binder Productsin experimentally Induced Combined Mycotoxicosis in Broiler Dr. Gangane G.R. 1.14 Lacs M/s Ayurvet Ltd., Baddi (HP) 2015-16
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Ongoing Projects

Sr. No. Title  Name of PI Amount (Rs) Funding Agency Duration
1Star College Scheme for Strengthening of Life Science and Biotechnology Education and Training at Undergraduate LevelDr. Gangane G.R. & Dr. Moregaonkar S.D. 11.00 Lacs DBT, Govt. of India, New Delhi Year of initiation 2015-16
2Study on comparative efficacy of certain mycotoxin binders in experimentally induced Mycotoxicosis in Broilers Dr. Gangane G.R. 160776/- M/s Ayurvet Ltd., Baddi (HP) 2018-19
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Facilities available

  1.  Clinical Pathology
  2. Histopathology
  3. Microphotography
  4. Necropsy Facility for Small Animals/Birds
  5. Repository

Services Provided

Sr. No. Nature of service Sample required Duration of test Approved Cost
1 Disease Diagnosis in Animals/Poultry Blood/Urine/Tissue etc. Dependent of Sample, type of disease etc.Blood: 50/- Urine : 50/- Tissue: 50/-
2Disease diagnosis through Post-mortem examination Carcass Dependent of type of disease/s Animal (Large) :200/- Animal (Small) :100/- Bird : 05/-
3Sponsored/Agency/ Contractual Research As desired Type of Research As per proposal
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Future Plans

  1. Infrastructural development:-  Automation for quick & reliable disease diagnosis through automated instrumentation
  2. Establishment of Immunopathology/Immunohistochemistry Laboratory
  3.  Repository development/updating Creation of Necropsy facility for Large Animals
  4. Research:  Toxicopathological studies on Agrochemicals/Pesticides/Herbicides etc.
  5. Pathomorphological studies on spontaneous bovine cancers
  6. Etiopathological studies of incidental diseases in Poultry
  7. Extension Activities:- 1. Training to Technocrats/Professionals
  8. Preparation of Video films on Necropsy finding
  9. Dissemination of knowledge through publications


 M.V.Sc. (Pathology), NET, F.A.Sc. (AW)
Associate Professor of Veterinary Pathology



Assistant Professor 

  1. Publications of the department can be accessed here.

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